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     Having a social capital of  28.557.297,5 RON and a turnover of over 80 millions RON yearly, the shipyard is a solid and credible business partner.

     The two mains activities of the shipyard are:

o        the construction of the hulls totally designed for export, representing 99% from the society activity;

o        repairing of the hulls for the internal and external market;

Presently, the society is able to produce the fallowing types of hulls:

         containers of  86 m,110 m and 135 m;

         Chemical tanks and tanks for gas of 86 m, 110 m, 125 m, 135 m;

         Chemical tanks with integrated cargo holds made from stainless steel duplex of 110 m;

         Hopper barges;

         Self-propelled barges of 2000 tones;

         BIPT barges of 1500 tones;

         EUROPA 2B barges of 1720 tones, standard;

         EUROPA 2B barges of 1720 tone, with cabins;

         EUROPA 2B of 3000 tones;

         Mixed barges of 1100 tones;


         RO-RO barges;

         Push combination;



















         The launching stall of 100 ml, permitting the launching of some ships having a length of 135 ml and a weight of 1 000 tones.

         The working platform having 6 possible mounting places of 110 ml each

         Floating dock, permitting the lifting up and the launching of some ships having 77,06 ml , 18,198 m width and 9,00 ml depth.

         Vertical embankment, permitting the prosecuting of repairing works for all kinds of ships that are not requiring works at the hull, fact that needs the lifting up on the stall

         Workshop of automatic cutting off programmed on the computer

         Hall designed to the manufacturing of sections and block sections that have in their structure stainless steel (plate, profiles)

         Workshop for the processing by splintering

         Workshop for the mechanical cutting offs endowed with 3 guillotines and 2 abkants designed to the cutting off process and to the bending of the plates having a thickness of 15 mm and a length of 3500 mm

         Shaping sector endowed with a rolling machine for the plate having an active length of 9 500 mm and the press with role for plate’s curving, both designed to the manufacturing of the exterior shell of the hull

         Hall with blasting station with shot designed to the plates and profiles blasting – the maximum width being o 3000 mm

         Mechanical curving sector for the profiles

         Rx laboratory and mechanical attempts

         Truck cranes having a maximum load of 50 tf

         Computer programming workshop

         The automatic and half-automatic process in proportion of 60 – 70 %

         The production structure may be formed by new constructions and repairing of the inland water ships of any type

         SC Santierul Naval Orsova SA has the execution technology for the ships type chemical tanks, for which the cargo parts are executed from 100% stainless steel.

     At present, 95% from the production capacity is designed to the building of hulls for export





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