• 100 ml launch bucket, allowing the launch of vessels up to 135 ml in length and 1800 to.
  • Work platform with possible 6 mounting places of 110 ml each
  • Vertical dock allowing repair work to be carried out on vessels of all types but not requiring hull work
  • Computer-programmed automatic cutting workshop
  • Workshop for the manufacture of sections and blocks with stainless steel structures (sheet metal, profiles)
  • Workshop for machining
  • Mechanical cutting workshop equipped with 3 guillotines and 2 abutments for cutting and bending sheets with a thickness of 15 mm and a length of 3500 mm
  • Computer design workshop
    •  Trimming section equipped with a 9500 mm active length sheet metal rolling machine and a roll press for bending sheet metal, both for the production of the ship’s outer skin
    • Hall with blasting station with blasting blades for blasting sheets and profiles – maximum width 3000 mm
    • Mechanical profile bending sector
    • Rx and mechanical testing laboratory
    • Auto cranes with maximum load of 50 tf
    • 60-70% automated and semi-automated welding process
    • Production structure can be composed of new construction and repair of inland vessels of any type

      Shipyard Orșova SA owns the technology for the construction of chemical tankers whose cargo holds are made of 100% duplex stainless steel 1.4462.

      Currently most of the production capacity is dedicated to the construction of vessels for intra-community deliveries.